Moms That Are Killing It Featuring Gina Brascetta

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I have been leading up to Mother’s Day featuring some kickass moms that are killing it. There is no exception this week as I feature a long time friend, Gina Brascetta. A work from home mom of three sweet boys, Gina is definitely a mom that is killing it. 

Introducing Gina

I have been friends with Gina and her husband since middle school! So you know, just a few years ago. Through all the high school fun, sharing a dorm in college to starting our families, I have learned one thing about Gina. She is dang determined! There is not one thing that Gina sets her mind on and does not accomplish. She’s a wonderful wife, mother and friend. She is that person that everyone wants to be like, yet she is so humble and kind to everyone she meets. She runs a successful health business from her home, leading by example all while raising the most adorable little Italian boys. You can find her on Instagram here, working out, chasing her boys and hanging out with her husband. Let’s get to know her a little more…

Questions for Gina

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How old are your kiddos? 

Hi Katie!! Thank you so much for having me, I’m honored to be part of such a helpful blog for active adults and parents! A little about me. I am 33, married to my high school sweetheart and we have three wild and crazy boys! Ages five, three and ten months. And they are ALL boy! I have a degree in Psychology and worked in Higher Education for almost eight years before deciding to move to being a stay at home mamma. A move I am grateful for everyday! Now, along with mommin all day, every day,  I also get to serve my friends and family and continue to grow myself as I run my own business as a virtual health and wellness coach.

You work from home with three little boys. How on earth do you do it? What tips can you share with other moms out there?  

Oh girl, every day is an adventure!! My husband also works from home full time. So we battle it out for office time. Ha! Kidding of course. Honestly, we just make it work. I have had to learn to balance my job into ‘pockets’ throughout the day and prioritize what “must” be done vs. what I would like done. Realistically, we moms try to do everything and I for one know I’m guilty of letting that get the best of me. But I’ve realized over time that my most productive days and honestly my happiest days are the ones that I remind myself that it’s okay if something on the todo list has to get pushed until tomorrow. I have learned to plan ahead and try to schedule things out for my business and family time, along with planning and prepping meals ahead of time so that’s at least one less thing I have to do during the day. That’s one tip I would absolutely say is a time saver. Not having to cook from scratch every meal saves me hours!

Making meals a head of time is such a great tip. I do this as a mom who works out of the home (well in a normal world) and I definitely need to do that as I am working from home now. If you’re looking for tips on how to stay productive while at home, check out this post

What makes you a typical mom? What makes you a unique mom?

Oh goodness. I don’t know! Ha! Typical; I’d say I’m like all moms in that I just try my hardest and still have moments of doubt. Motherhood is a darn guessing game and we all just hope we’re doing alright! Unique, It’s taken me a while, but I’ve come to learn that I can’t pour from an empty cup. Before I can pour into anyone or anything around me, I have to pour into taking care of myself so that I can be the best version of me, for them. I think that’s something a lot of us forget when we become parents because our worlds shift into a whole new role where we can lose a sense of our own being. So that could be unique? Or the fact that I am completely comfortable living in utter chaos haha!

What is something about motherhood that surprised you? 

How much I still don’t know! You hear all the time “you’re a mom of three, what do I do if my kid ______” and I just stare like “I don’t know, should I know that?!” Each kid is sooooooo different! I feel like every situation is brand new. Things that worked for my oldest took us completely off guard when they didn’t work for my middle. So then we had our third and thought we were ahead of the game preparing for him because we had been through it twice in different ways each time… and then he comes in with something brand new we’d never even considered! It’s crazy how similar yet different they can all be. And as soon as you feel like you’ve got something down, they hit ya with a curveball!

You are in amazing shape. What does your workout routine look like? How do you find the time with little ones?

Aww thank you!! It’s my passion now. I follow online programs that I can stream at home. The programs are anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 or 4 months. I usually try to workout 4 to 5 days per week but I do enjoy my recovery days just the same! As for how I find the time? Well, most of the workouts I gravitate towards are about 30 minutes long because of that exact reason; much more than that and I’m not going to be able to work it in with the kids around! When I first started, I always tried to workout during naps or after bedtime. But now, my kids have seen this as a part of my life consistently for so long, they jump in with me!! They are ALWAYS watching what we do, so they used to sit as spectators for a while, but now, they know that when I start drinking my pre-workout, it’s mom’s time. Sometimes I’ll be able to workout while they’re doing schoolwork or eating lunch, other times it’s pure chaos because they have all the energy. But, they work with me now and I am able to fit it in each day that my program recommends. Having the workouts to do from home eliminates the two hour adventure it used to be between loading up, driving to the gym, working out, loading back up, and driving back home. That’s helped me tremendously because I can’t use “time” as the excuse anymore. If something is important to you, you find a way to make it happen. That just happens to be easier for me now because I can do so in my living room with the kids around instead of relying on things to fall into place perfectly.

What is your go to for Mom attire? What’s an article of clothing you can’t go without?

The sloppiest bun you’ll ever see with leggings and a tank. Pretty much 100% of my days haha. One item I can’t go without? Hmm.. my fabletics black leggings. I have four pairs of the exact same pants.

My Favorite Leggings Are In This Post

If you had a day with no kids, what would you do?

Real talk- I’d clean. Like hours on end, deeeeep clean. Open the windows, blast music that I actually like, and dance around in pure clean bliss,

Oh girl… me too! I actually love to clean but I don’t love to do it with the kids around. I run a Facebook Group dedicated to cleaning! Join here! I share my best cleaning tips and help you get organized. 

Every mom has struggles from working mom guilt, to finding time for themselves, to connecting with their spouse. What sort of things do you struggle with as a mom and what do you do to overcome those obstacles?

Guilt for sure over time and not being able to physically balance everything as much as I try to. It’s so freaking hard. It’s hard not to pick up my phone to check in on my clients during bootcamp while I’m playing with the kids. It’s hard separating work from home. It’s hard trying to incorporate work “hours” when my kids are at ages where I’m needed 98% of the time they’re awake. When I am with my kids, I want to tune in 100%. And same with work, but unfortunately there is just not the reality that I can do that at all times. Sometimes, absolutely. But not all the time. So what do I do about it? Prioritize in the moment. Remind myself that this age will pass quickly and they won’t always want mom to play- so ditch the phone and be in the moment; everything else can wait. And then other moments, I remind myself the importance of why I’m working; I am making myself a better person, pursuing what I am passionate about, helping provide for my family, and making an impact in lives I am lucky to be a part of because of my job. That I want my kids to see what I am doing and learn from it. That I am lucky enough to get to explain to them why I am doing the things that are taking time away from them or that they’re getting to be a part of. It’s 100% about perspective. And if I’m excited and truly believe something, it’s easier for the kids to feel the same way. With that, I feel like it has to be the same with my husband. Being open and honest when I feel that guilt, talking it through really helps navigate a way out.  I know my husband and I make it a point to get sitters and go on dates.  It’s huge for us to keep our relationship a priority while life is taking over. I mean, if it weren’t for our relationship, we wouldn’t have this life we love, chaos, commotion and all.

What is your favorite thing about being a mom?

Oh my gosh, watching them become their own people. The way their minds grow, they grasp onto their own world, they form their own imagination and understanding. It’s the coolest thing. Especially having multiple, I get to see their compassion, competitiveness, and just joy of figuring out life. And they’re all so similar but so incredibly unique. It’s something you never really understand until you become a parent and see it first hand.

Lastly, do you have a “mom fail” story you could share with us? 

Goodness, too many probably! I would say one.. My oldest had his first season of coach pitch baseball this last Spring. The first game of the season was also picture day. I did all the things, bought the white baseball pants, brand new socks, cleats, bat, ball, you name it. Showed up like fifteen minutes on a high because he was so excited. Only to watch the team all walk over to line up for pictures and he was the ONLY kid in white pants. Literally every other family somehow got the memo that the uniform was grey pants except me. And he is one of the youngest on the team also being of the smallest so he was front and center. Pants were in no way going to be hidden and I was out of time to go get him the matching color. So I’m that mom. And now every time we look at his very first baseball team picture, we are all reminded that I dropped the ball on checking my email and sent my son in the wrong clothes. Ha! Needless to say, I am neurotic about checking team emails now.

I want to thank Gina so much for taking the time out of her busy, Boy Mom life to answer some questions for us. Oh and that mom fail story! I have so been there! I admire your ability to embrace the chaos. Too often, as moms we expect perfection from ourselves which is crazy because our kids don’t expect it. We need to be easier on ourselves. You said it best Gina, when you said you can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s so true.  

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