Moms That Are Killing It Featuring Rachel From Sprucing Up Mamahood

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I can’t believe it is almost Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day, to me, marks the beginning of truly warm weather and I can’t tell you how excited I am to start planting flowers and getting the backyard summer ready. Leading up to Mother’s Day I really wanted to take some time to feature some awesome moms that are killing it. There are so many amazing moms out there that are doing such a good job at this whole mom thing. Mom shaming is something that happens too often, I thought we’d take some time and celebrate each other. Last week, we met Kaylee from Sprucing Up Mamahood. This week, we get to meet the other half of Sprucing Up Mamahood, Rachel. 

Introducing Rachel

Rachel runs the site, Sprucing Up Mamahood with her best friend Kaylee. Both moms of young children, this mom duo is killing it at creating the most beautiful homes you’ve ever seen! A former, full-time interior designer, Rachel decided to work from home and raise her two boys. 

I have quickly become obsessed with Sprucing Up Mamahood’s, simple and inexpensive style. Their Instagram feed inspires me to decorate every corner of my home. From tips on the best rugs, throw pillow covers, to their favorite paint colors, Sprucing Up Mamahood is a great site to gain inspiration and know how for DIY projects and interior decorating. 

Questions For Rachel

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been a mom?

I’m an Interior Designer and a mom of two boys! Griffin will be 4 in June, and Roman will be 2 in September! I always wanted a girl, so I think it’s kind of funny that I ended up with 2 boys, but I know that it was meant to be that way because they are the best! I’m still not sure if I will try again for a girl or not, haha

Being a stay home mom can be exhausting! What do you do to make sure that you take care of yourself? How do you relax? 

It is definitely tiring! I became a stay at home (actually a work from home) mom a little over a year ago. Before that I worked full time at an Interior Design firm. I think both jobs are so challenging in different ways! However I do think I had a little bit more “me time” when I was working. Lunch breaks and even the time spent commuting to and from the office was a nice break! Now I am always trying to squeeze in time for myself whenever I can! I try to either relax or get some things done during nap times. To relax I love to do yoga! I try to fit in a session a few times a week after my husband gets home from work!

Rachel's Family Room

So you’re a boy mom! What’s your favorite thing about raising boys? Any advice to other boy moms out there when it comes to having sons?

I think the difference between girls and boys, even at such an early age, is so interesting! Kaylee’s daughter is the same age as my oldest son (they were born 5 days apart!) and there are so many differences that we have noticed! My boys are super active and rough with each other and with toys. I always try to get outside with them every day (especially before nap time) to wear them out! They need time to run around and get their energy out! I think it’s fun to have all that energy around, although it can be exhausting, haha.

What are the three most essential “mommy items” you keep on hand at all times. 

Snacks (my kids are always hungry), Water Bottles, and my phone (to either take pictures or to give to them to distract them while we are out, haha)

Visit Rachel's Blog to grab some of the items in this picture

Okay, I have to ask: your home is always spotless on your Instagram photos, I gotta know, where do you keep all the kid toys? What systems do you have in place to keep your house from looking like a toy store?

It is definitely not that clean all the time! I usually only really clean up the areas that I am taking pictures of and then the rest of the house is messier! But, I am typically a pretty organized person, so that helps! I really don’t like clutter or hanging on to items that we don’t need or use (which can be a good thing or a bad thing because I get rid of a lot of stuff!). I am always purging or organizing small parts of our house (like a closet, bathroom cabinets, etc) so nothing gets too out of hand! We have toys all over the house but I try to make sure they all have a place to go when the kids aren’t playing with them, and we have a ton of baskets all over the house that I store toys in too!

If you had a day with no kids, what would you do?

I’d probably sleep in and then have brunch with Kaylee, then go shopping for clothes or home items, and then relax at home and watch some TV!

Running a beautiful blog and maintaining your presence on social media takes a lot of time. How do you do it all? Do you have a set system or routine?

It can be hard to keep up with sometimes! But having a schedule and a plan has definitely helped us! Kaylee and I have set days where each of us are responsible for the blog post or Instagram posts. It helps us a lot to know which days are our responsibility, and then we can plan ahead for what we are planning to post about that day too! I also try to have set times where I’ll take a bunch of pictures to use for the week, so I’m not working on it every day.

What is your best mom hack that you could share with our readers?

Always have snacks on you! I always have bars or pouches or raisins or trail mix…little things that are easy to take on the go! Whenever my kids are bored or getting upset about something the snacks always help and keep them busy for a little bit!

Love, love, love all of the baskets!

You and Kaylee run Sprucing Up Mamahood together. You seem to be really great friends and two moms that are definitely killing it. What is something that Kaylee “kills it” at in mamahood?

Kaylee always has great parenting advice! She was a teacher and a nanny and has had so much experience with kids of all different ages. Whenever I need help or advice I go to her first and she always knows how to help! She is a very patient and calm mom and I admire that about her!

Lastly, do you have a “mom fail” story you could share with us? 

Oh boy, I’m sure there are a lot! Lately I have been letting Griffin pee outside if we are on a walk or at the park, haha! He is still not the best at “holding it in” and I’d much rather let him pee in the grass or into a bush instead of in his pants! But, it is becoming a thing now where he will just pull down his pants when we are outside and start peeing without asking/telling me first! He even pooped in the backyard once!! So I need to explain to him that this is only something we do if it is an emergency and we can’t make it to a bathroom! It can be so hard to explain to toddlers why we can only do something sometimes but not all the time!

I want to sincerely thank Rachel for taking the time out of her busy mom life to share about herself with us. Learning about other moms and what they do in their daily life is filling my cup right now. I had to laugh out loud at her mom fail of her son peeing outside because as a fellow boy mom, I have so been there! Who am I kidding, I am still there! Follow Rachel on Instagram at Sprucing Up Mamahood and head to her site here to gain some serious inspiration. 

If you are looking to treat the moms in your life for Mother’s Day, check out my picks below. All of the ideas mentioned in that post are possible during social distancing. 

Next week, we will feature another mom out there that is killing it! See you then. 

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