Moms That Are Killing It Featuring Kaylee From Sprucing Up Mamahood

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Each week, leading up to Mother’s Day, I wanted to feature a mom that was killing it! Last week we got a glimpse into the life of Jessica Fay, a beauty and lifestyle blogger who showed us how to be fashionable, even when juggling kids. Meet Jess here. This week we are meeting Kaylee, who is just one of the moms that runs with her bestie, Rachel. (Don’t worry, we will get to meet Rachel next week!)

Introducing Kaylee

Okay, so I have never met Kaylee in person but I will tell you that I stumbled upon her blog and Instagram a couple of months ago and I might be a little obsessed. She’s a former teacher, like myself and now stays home with her little one. Her home is ah-maz-ing. I think I have scrolled through Sprucing Up Mamahood’s Instagram feed a million times. If you are looking for inspiration to decorate your home, turn your cookie-cutter home into a custom home or just want some inspiration for your home or life, head over to 

Kaylee and Rachel have an eye for finding great items for your home and will share those tips with you. What I love about them is that they fill their home with finds from Amazon, Target, Wayfair and other affordable places. They are so relatable. 

Questions for Kaylee

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How long have you been a mom? 

I am a mom to a 3 ½ year old girl! I have a degree in Child Development and was a teacher and a nanny prior to becoming a mom. After having my daughter I decided to stay home with her. I have always wanted to find a job where I could work from home so I could continue to be around my daughter as much as possible. Which is why we started our blog 5 months ago! It’s the perfect business that we can grow while staying at home with our kiddos!

How do you find a balance between running your business and blog, being a wife, and a mother? What are some tips that you can give to other moms? 

It is so hard to find that balance! It is something I struggle with daily! However, I do feel like the longer we are in this the easier it is getting. My one tip would be to write everything down that you need to do in a planner and try to create a schedule of sorts. I do not thrive on routine so my schedule really just consists of getting the things in my planner done as early in the day as possible. I always start with the “must do’s” and work my way through the “should do’s” if I get the time. Also, try to train your kids from a young age to play by themselves.  When my daughter was 1 I read an article explaining how important it is for children to play alone. It helps them develop their imagination and problem solve. So I took that to heart and have always had my daughter play by herself for a couple hours a day (the first few weeks we did this she didn’t love it but once we pushed through those hard first weeks she learned to love alone time). That allows me to get so much done! 



Amen to using a planner to stay organized and on top of things! I cannot function without my family planner. I have used one for the past four years and have just recently made my custom planner available to my readers! Check it out here. 

What makes you a typical mom? What makes you a unique mom?

I would say I am pretty typical when it comes to the daily struggle. Everyday I feel like I am struggling in some way shape or form as a mom. But don’t we all? I feel like I am more unique in the fact that I treat my daughter like my friend. I mean a 3 year old friend, but a friend (haha!). I talk to her about everything and my husband and I are both very open with her when she asks questions

What’s a “mommy duty” you could live without?

Laundry! Ugh I feel like I am always doing laundry! My hubby and I have divided the chore list pretty evenly and that’s the one I got stuck with that I dislike the most!

Kaylee's Kitchen

Your home is beautiful! How do you find the time to do all of your projects and turn your house into show-home quality while taking care of a little one? I know that I cannot get out a can of paint without the kids wondering what I am doing and wanting to jump right in!

Like I mentioned above, my daughter is really good about playing by herself in her playroom! So typically we just have her go play and get a project done. She also still takes naps/does quiet time and that gives us a couple hours to get stuff done as well! 

You and Rachel have so much style! I know many moms struggle with staying up to date on trending fashion and decor. What advice can you give to moms who need some inspiration in these areas?

My number one tip is find a few home décor Instagram accounts you love and follow them! That’s what I started doing about 4 years ago and it really helped me “keep up” even when I didn’t have the time to!

Visit Kaylee's blog to learn about this wallpaper! Gorgeous!

Describe your perfect mother’s day.

I would want to sleep in, get breakfast in bed and then binge watch TV all day by myself! Can you tell if I am introverted or extroverted from that answer? Haha!

You feature favorite clothing on your blog, what is your go to for Mom attire? What’s an article of clothing you can’t go without?

For sure leggings with a long shirt that covers the behind- ha!. But for a not so basic answer I would say my stretch ripped mom jeans from American Eagle with a basic tee!

Oh how I love a good pair of leggings! I recently wrote about the best clothes for work from home… you can call them “the best mom clothes”! Check out my top list for comfortable clothes here

You and Rachel run Sprucing Up Mamahood together. You seem to be really great friends and two moms that are definitely killing it. What is something that Rachel “kills it” at in Mamahood?

Oh man, so many things! But the number one would be her patience! She is so patient with her boys (including her hubby lol). There have been more times than I can count where one of her boys is throwing a fit (because- toddlers!), and she is always so calm and talks out their feelings with them.  It is a quality that I admire about her greatly!

Lastly, do you have a “mom fail” story you could share with us? 

Just one? Hmmm the one I can think of that happened the most recently is when I left my daughter crying for 10 minutes upstairs because she was scared of a flying bug in the stairway so she wouldn’t come downstairs (she says “I love crawling bugs but flying bugs scare me”). She has had this overwhelming fear of bugs the last couple of months and I just got so sick of it that I was at my wits end and yelled “it is just a bug, I am not coming up there to rescue you!” or something of that sort. Looking back it was not the best mom moment, but man I wish she would get over that fear! It is almost summer and there are going to be bugs everywhere! So if you have any tips on how to handle this send them my way!

I want to thank Kaylee so much for being so real and genuine with us about being a mom that is killing it. I know that I am inspired to not let my busy mom life take away from the home projects I have on my list when I see Sprucing Up Mamahood’s Instagram. Kaylee (and Rachel) have shown us how to take track homes and turn them into custom homes through DIY projects and affordable accessories. I love her tips about letting her daughter play by herself and using a planner to keep up with the day to day tasks. And the laundry… don’t we all hate that?! Next week, we will get to know Kaylee’s bestie, and the other half of Sprucing Up Mamahood, Rachel. 

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