Moms That Are Killing It Featuring Jessica Fay From Lipstick Heels and a Baby

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This month, every Sunday leading up to Mother’s Day, I have decided to feature a mom that is killing it. In these features, we will get to know some amazing moms from different walks of life and share in their successes and learn a little bit about how other moms keep it together. The first mom that is killing it is Jessica Fay from  

Introducing Jessica

I first met Jessica at a mutual friend’s wedding last fall. Both of our husbands were groomsmen in the wedding and I have to say that her reputation preceded her. 

Before meeting her, I pretty much heard that she was a kickass woman that was super successful with her business and was killing it. 

After meeting her, I have to say all of those things are true! Jessica is a stunning mom that runs a beauty and lifestyle blog. She has the best fashion sense and can be seen on Instagram, momming it with her kids doing fun things like playing in the snow in Florida! Yes, snow in Florida!

From recipes to fashion to products to help improve your life, Jess covers it all on her beauty and lifestyle blog,

Questions for Jess

What makes you a typical mom?

I lose my patience too. I am tired too. I worry too. I want the best for my kids all the time too. 

What makes you a unique mom?

I work from home and have been able to build my entire brand wither with my children in my lap or while they were at school or sleeping.


You might be the most fashionable mom I have ever met. Many moms struggle to get out of their leggings whether it be because of budget, motivation or lack of fashion sense. What advice do you have for moms who need some help in this area?

Start by building your closet with quality staples. You can still stick with your simple tank or tee and jeans, then  dress it up with a cute pair of wedges or booties, a belt and a hat! Your jeans and tee can be from years ago, but switch out the less expensive, in-trend items.

On that note, what is your go to for Mom attire? What’s an article of clothing you can’t go without?

Summer: Nude wedges, straw boater hat, cut off shorts and a cute tee.
Fall: Distressed denim, booties, wool hat and that same cute tee!

Shop the look:

You are in amazing shape! How do you do it with three kids running around?

On school days, I go for a run the moment I walk in the door from dropping the kids off at school. Now, with quarantine – Ryan and I take turns getting our ‘alone time/workout time.’ This allows us to both get a good sweat in and keep our sanity for the rest of the day! 

What’s a “mommy duty” you could live without?

100% laundry. I really dislike doing laundry.

If you had a day with no kids, what would you do?

Honestly, if I was at home, work…or clean…- I am a bit of a work-a-holic unfortunately. If I was on vacation without kids – drink mimosas by the pool with my husband. Lol!

What are the three most essential “mommy items” you keep on hand at all times?

Hand sanitizer, snacks + mini water bottles, bandaids.


For the moms in your life… 

I want to thank Jess so much for taking the time out of her busy life to answer questions for us. I know that when I am scrolling through Instagram, I always stop and take a look at her pictures because they are pure perfection. 

I hope you all enjoyed this feature of Moms that are killing it on Jessica Fay from Lipstick Heels and a Baby. We will see you next week with another amazing mom!

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