Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages

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This year, with all of the stay at home orders in place across the country, Easter Sunday is going to be a little different. Even still, I am looking forward to having a special day with my family at home. I started thinking about what to fill their baskets with and this year I want to include “things to do” since we have all been home and a little bored at times. I’ve gathered some Easter basket ideas for all ages. With stores closed in many places, I’ve turned to online shopping (something I am pretty good at!) I’ve linked each picture to Amazon for you. Luckily, their shipping times are not too bad right now. I ordered some yoga pants and other comfy clothes for working from home and they should be here any day. You can check that list out here. 

Babies and Toddlers

Whenever I shop for baby or toddler gifts, whether it be for Christmas or a birthday, I try to buy practical things. Things that they might actually need, or things that I know I might end up buying anyway. They don’t care about what the gifts are, so try to save money and get things that will make your life easier!

These little maraca eggs are so cute! Finding fresh eggs in our stores right now is not easy. I like these because they’d be great for an easter egg hunt but then, they are toys after Easter. Multipurpose!

You guys… THESE. ARE. THE. BEST. BUBBLES. ON. THE. PLANET. I am not kidding. If you’ve never used or seen these bubbles before you are missing out. I first discovered them when I was a nanny years ago and let me tell you, they’re amazing. They are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They are not sticky and the bubble blower makes the most amazing bubbles and makes a million at a time. The bubbles last and don’t pop immediately. Seriously, they’re amazing. 

What a cute little carrot teether for a baby that’s starting to pop some teeth! How cute that it’s bunny themed. 

Bath toys are great for Easter baskets. These are so cute and can be used for pool toys or water tables too. 

Again, anything that is useful or something you might be buying anyway for your kids is great for an Easter basket. Bows, socks, shoes… 

Young kids

How many of you got a kite in your Easter basket growing up? We always did and I love continuing that tradition with my children. I found these adorable squid kites that come in a pack of three! How cute. 

Something fun to do during quarantine. Adding card games and board games are great. I love that this Go Fish game has an Easter theme to it. 

We painted rocks from our own garden today to place around the neighborhood, but I like that this rock is shaped like a turtle. I think the kids will love it!

If you are doing home learning right now, why not add some educational things to the Easter basket to make school work more fun? Again, Easter themed!

These eggs contain dinosaur bath toys that light up. How fun is that?

Have you ever heard of Smencils? Well, my elementary aged kid is a little obsessed. His school gives them out as a reward for good behavior and it’s like the best day of his life when he gets a Smencil. It’s a scented pencil and I have to admit, they’re pretty cute. I promise you, your kid will love these if they don’t already!


I work in a middle school and I get to the shopping for our school store (I love to shop if you can’t tell). I have picked out a few items that are hot items in our school store to help out with your teen’s easter baskets. 

These stickers are pretty hot among teens right now. They are great for water bottles and cellphones. 

Hydro flasks would make a great gift in an Easter basket and they come in so many different colors. 

Bathbombs are a great self care item right now as our teens are stuck at home and most definitely feeling the stress of school work. 

How cute is this felt letter board? It comes in a variety of felt covers too!

Include something fun for them to do like a puzzle or a game. Anything to help with the boredom right now. 

Any type of bluetooth speaker flies off of our shelves when we have them. This one is water proof so it’s great for the shower, hot tub or pool. 

The Champion brand is pretty popular right now but can be a little expensive. These socks are reasonably priced and would be perfect for an Easter basket. 

Gift cards are always a great idea for teens of all ages because they can pick out what they really want. Amazon is a great option since most stores are closed right now. 

Just because stores are closed right now doesn’t mean you can’t find great things for your kid’s Easter baskets. Make this year’s baskets about things that your kids can do at home or that you can do as a family. Find fun school supplies or anything that will support home learning. Amazon has great easter basket ideas for all ages. Stay home, shop online and keep everyone in your family safe. 

12 thoughts on “Easter Basket Ideas for All Ages”

  1. Great finds here. I like your products. But you are correct, doesnt mean that the stores closed doesnt mean you cant find great things. Soon this will delivery. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Yeah, it’s sad that easter will be different this year. I will look into these, I think this American Amazon? I did use to live there and loved Mad Libs as a child, I will see if they have a UK version! Thanks for this and have a happy easter!

  3. Aw, I remember Mad Libs. What a great idea! The entire family had fun doing these while I was growing up. Also, I think we have like 5 Hydroflasks and still can’t get enough of them. Thanks for these. 🙂

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