How to Declutter and Deep Clean Your Kitchen

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Spring cleaning is one of my favorite times of the year. I like to do a really thorough job. I don’t think that you really can do a full deep clean of your entire house in one weekend. It takes planning and time but it is worth it in the end to put in the extra effort. I like to conquer three areas per month by first decluttering, deep cleaning and then organizing. The kitchen can be one of the biggest undertakings in the entire process but also, THE MOST REWARDING. Here are some tips on how to declutter and deep clean your kitchen. 

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    The kitchen is in phase two of my spring cleaning schedule. Check out the whole process here. Also, it’s not too late to jump into my Spring Cleaning Challenge group on Facebook. It’s wonderful, supportive community. I gain so much inspiration from the people in this group. It’s a judgement free zone through and through!

    Decluttering Is The First Step To Take In The Kitchen

    When deep cleaning and decluttering your kitchen the first thing you want to do is to get rid of things you don’t use. You know, the notorious tupperware without a lid, expired food, bent or broken kid’s cups, etc. 

    I like to start on one end of the kitchen and move cabinet by cabinet removing items that either don’t belong in the cabinet, needs to be given away, and things that need to be trashed. 

    To make it easy, keep the trash can by your side and a box for giveaway right next to you. 

    Keep “The Big Jobs” Separate

    What I mean by that is, certain areas of your kitchen are going to be “big jobs” to get decluttered, deep cleaned and organized. Leave these areas and do them one at a time. There’s no way you will be able to do it all in one day. 

    My “big jobs” are: 

    • The infamous junk drawer 
    • The pantry
    • The refrigerator
    • The spice cabinet

    I like to take everything out of the cabinet or drawer that I am working on at one time. Wipe it down, then put everything back in an organized manner. 

    I DO NOT recommend taking everything out of every cabinet at once. It can be really overwhelming and paralyzing. 

    Also, if you don’t finish the kitchen in one day, you won’t be left without a functioning kitchen. Take your time and do it right. Start on one side of the kitchen and work your way to the other. 

    Once You Have Decluttered, It's Time To Clean

    And I mean really clean. This is your chance to wipe down the cabinets inside and out, vacuum out the drawers, clean the stove, scrub the refrigerator etc. 

    I pulled together some tips on cleaning certain parts of your kitchen, check out the links below if you’re looking for a specific item to be deep scrubbed. 

    Finally, It's Time To Organize

    Organizing is my favorite part of spring cleaning. Do not fall right back into old habits by just putting everything back into your cabinets after you’ve cleaned them out. 

    Make sure to create a system that will support your organization moving forward. Get yourself some organizing bins, labels, lazy susans and hooks to make sure everything has a place. 

    Pinterest is going to be your best friend when searching for organization tips. Follow my boards on Pinterest to see what I’ve found and pinned for kitchen organization. 

    My Favorite Kitchen Organization Items

    Here are some other great posts on specific areas of your kitchen and how to organize them. 

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    There’s nothing better than a clean and organized kitchen. I hope you enjoyed this post on how to declutter, deep clean and organize your kitchen. 

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