Stay At Home Clothes on a Budget

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I just saw a funny meme on Facebook that said, “I now understand the stay at home mom’s obsession with wine”. It made me giggle because now that I am home all day with the kids and trying to work I am dying a little. I mean the struggle is real! When I saw that meme, I also thought “and their obsession with leggings”. I have always had an obsession with leggings but could get by only owning a couple of pairs because I wear “work clothes” most of the time. Well, now that I am home I realized that I cannot just wear my raggedy pajamas when I am on conference calls and such. However, I am not about to get fully dressed in pants with a button… I mean come one! So, I realized I needed to find some stay at home clothes on a budget. Clothes, that are comfy but nice enough to be on business calls etc. I am sharing my findings with you from the queen of bargain shopping! Enjoy.

Who doesn’t love a good pair of highwaisted leggings. These leggings come in so many awesome colors, and they have the ‘coveted’ cellphone holder. 

I know leggings are all the craze right now, and I love them too, but I will tell you that I absolutely love joggers. I find them so comfortable but they don’t feel like you’re being frumpy. These joggers have pockets! Yes please!

The other day, I was actually on a conference call wearing my husband’s old sweatshirt that had paint splattered all over it. How embarrassing! I am so in need of simple pullovers like these. Look how cute it looks with jeans too. And there are some fun patterns. 

I am a sucker for a longer T-shirt. I love to throw on a longer shirt with some leggings and call it good. These are adorable and truly come in a million patterns. 

I recently wrote about these slippers from Jessica Simpson in another buying guide. We are a no shoe household but I also hate to have cold feet. In Colorado, we are still getting snow here and there so these slippers are awesome if you’re stuck at home working. 

My husband and I are always going back and forth with the thermostat. I am always so cold and he says it’s hot. I don’t love hoods on my sweatshirts and jackets so I love this pick for a light weight jacket to throw on. 

I love the batwing sleeve. I have a couple of sweaters with this sleeve and always get so many compliments! 

I am excited to get some new clothes and be a little more productive. You know, they say, if you want to be productive at home you have to get up and get ready for the day. Having clothes that are comfy yet cute will definitely make that an easier job. 

Another thing, I just learned about Amazon Prime Wardrobe! It’s like other subscription boxes like Stitch Fix only better. You pick the 8 items you want to try on, get to keep them for a week and only pay for what you keep. Can I just say, I love Amazon. I hope you liked these stay at home clothes on a budget. 


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