Ways to Stay Connected During Social Distancing

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My nephew inspired me to write this post as he has been doing some pretty remarkable things during this “social distance” period we are all currently in. He is in middle school and has found some great ways to stay connected with his friends. I have even found that my family is “closer” now more than ever as we are on the phone, chatting virtually and checking in on each other often. It’s a time right now that a lot of people are feeling stressed out. What a better time to find ways to stay connected during social distancing. 

Paint Rocks and Spread Them Around the Neighborhood

Facebook is loaded with pictures of families getting out into their neighborhoods and going on walks right now. If anything positive has coming from the school closures, it’s that families are spending great quality time together. 

My nephew painted rocks and placed them around the neighborhood so that others would find them while they were out with their families. What a great way to connect with your neighbors at a time when there’s not a lot of connection. 

Write Old Fashioned, Snail Mail Letters to Friends and Family

You know what’s pretty fun? Getting something in the mail that is not junk and not a bill. We have nothing but time on our hands right now, why not write a letter to a family member and wait for one in return. 

During our “home school” work this morning, we wrote letters to cousins and grandparents. What a great way to work on writing while doing something fun. 

Send a Gift Basket to Lift Someone's Spirits

Many people are struggling right now, whether it be because they are isolated, or even because they have lost their job. 

Show someone you are thinking about them by sending them a gift basket. The Fruit Company has awesome gift baskets as well as fruit of the month club which would be a wonderful gift. I know right now for our family, food as a gift would be amazing during all this time spent at home. 

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Send Flowers

As many of you know, I love to have fresh flowers in my home. It’s a way to bring the outdoors in. Especially right now, when it feels like we are trapped inside, it would be nice to have fresh flowers to lift our spirits. 

Bloomsy Box is pretty awesome in that it is a subscription to having fresh flowers delivered each month. What a great gift to give someone right now to show them you are thinking about them. 

Bloomsy Box is offering my readers a couple of sweet deals right now! Order through the links below for free overnight shipping or $10 off a 6 month subscription. 

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Have a Virtual Party

My girlfriend group who usually meets on Monday nights has not missed a beat with this social distancing stuff. In fact, we have met a couple times this week on Zoom with our wine glasses in hand. 

My family, even played Jack Box TV together over Zoom which was pretty fun. Find ways to connect with those you love while you’re stuck at home. 

My son, met up with his preschool teachers and classmates the other morning to say hi. He was so thrilled to get to see his friends that he misses so much. 

Send a Surprise Box

You guys! Greetabl might be the coolest thing out there right now! You can send a custom gift to someone far away. 

You literally build it from scratch, put what you want in there, a note and yes, even confetti if you want! Too fun! 

Send Them Something To Do

I can tell you the days are getting longer as we continue this self quarantine business. There are only so many movies you can watch and so many puzzles and board games you can handle. 

What a wonderful gift you can send someone, especially families with young children, as something to do. You’ve already heard me talk about Baketivity and it sends you all the ingredients and a recipe to bake with your kids. 

Another very cool “something to do” gift is craft boxes from We Craft Box and Home Made Luxe. We Craft Box is geared more towards kids, while Home Made Luxe is perfect for teens or adults. 

I promise you, parents will love you if you gift something like this to help them get through this social distancing. 

Do a "Secret Santa" Spring Edition

I totally got this idea from my nephew! His friend group, drew names and then picked out a ten dollar gift on Amazon for each other and sent it to each others house. 

How fun is that. They get to feel the joy of picking out a gift for a friend but then also the thrill of waiting for your gift to arrive. What a great way to pass time and spread some joy. 

Checkout these gifts for under $10 on Amazon.

You Don't Have To See Someone In Person To Stay Connected

Check in on your loved ones. Use this time to reconnect with old friends. What a better time than to send someone a token to tell them that you are thinking of them. 

Many families are struggling right now and a little thought goes a long way. My sister in law reached out the other day to see if she could have breakfast delivered for us. How nice is that? Just one less thing we had to think about for the day. 

Find ways to stay connected during social distancing. We will all be better for it. If you are a mom and need some connection right now or anytime, join the Avenue Kate community on Facebook. It’s a great community of moms supporting moms. 

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