How to Work From Home When You Have Young Kids

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The COVID19 pandemic is leaving many of us working from home to comply with the country’s need for social distancing. It all sounds great at first, the thought of working from home each day. That is, unless you have young children. Many of you might be wondering how to work from home when you have young kids. 

Don’t stress! I created the most amazing schedule for our family and I am sharing it with you for free! I work in education and am finding that I will have many duties and virtual meetings over the next few weeks. My husband will be required to get work done at home as well. 

We knew right away we needed a schedule that would allow us each to get our work done, but also build in time for our children to do their home learning and for us to keep our house running at at the same time. 

Seems impossible right?

Nope! Grab this free printable and see how you can organize even the largest families into a productive time at home. 

How To Use the Schedule To Increase Productivity

You could print a schedule for each day and write directly on the schedule, but I prefer to save some paper. 

Our schedule changes each day right now so I grabbed these items to be able to reuse the schedule each time. 

If you haven’t used these self laminating sheets yet, prepare to lose your mind. They are amazing! 

Right now, my husband and my schedule are changing daily. We didn’t want to create a rigid routine that wouldn’t fit with the changing demands of our family right now. Some days, our kids will work on more school work than other days etc. 

We wanted a system that would be flexible but routine at the same time. 

We wanted to make sure we were tag teaming with the kids so that each of us had some time dedicated to our work without interruption. 

We will each need to work throughout the day, but we defined who would be on “kid duty” while they worked, while the other person was off duty and could do conference calls etc. 

I have been really struggling since I have been home from work at getting the regular chores done. Not to mention, I am in the middle of a Spring Cleaning Challenge (join here) and have not been able to find the time to tackle those tasks. 

With this schedule, I am productive and up and moving from the beginning of the day. No more, hanging out in my pajamas drinking coffee trying to motivate myself to get moving! Who would want to get out of their pajamas and start cleaning after they’ve been lounging around all morning? No one!

That’s why this method of blocking out the day is so perfect. You get moving right away and schedule the day to be productive. 

Free Daily Schedule

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    Be As Rigid Or Lose As You Want!

    There are a lot of schedules for homeschooling and working from home floating around the internet right now. In my opinion, many of them are way too rigid. 

    Right now, people are stressed and worried about a lot of things, that you don’t need to add your family schedule onto the list of things to worry about. 

    If you are stressed about homeschooling your child, check out this post here for more help. 

    Remember, go slow when creating a new routine. Any progress is progress. I really hope this schedule helps you to tackle how to work from home when you have young kids. I included three different printables and family sizes in the download. 

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      1. What a great way to help out. Please tell your cousin thank you so much for her hard work. I can’t even imagine being a nurse right now.

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