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So the kids are on break from school and it’s 8:00 am on the first day and they are already bothering you saying that they are bored and there is nothing to do… sound familiar? It doesn’t matter how many toys, video games, trampolines, or any other item you’ve provided for them, they’re going to be bored. Take advantage of this Spring Break Bucket List free printable below and here’s to hoping your kids won’t be bored this vacation!

My kids are a little bit like me in the fact that they love to check things off of a list. They like the feeling of accomplishment, and my oldest son in particular, really likes to have things planned out so that he knows what to expect. 


When he has a meltdown, it is always linked to the fact that he didn’t have time to process something. 

It’s why our Saturday morning checklist to get the kids to clean their room has been so effective. 


He knows what to expect, there’s no surprises and he is in control of what he does first. You can check out that checklist system here.

For Spring Break, or any other school break, it’s fun to have a plan of things to do. There is no, “I am bored” or “there’s nothing to do” coming from the kids every other hour.


At the same time, every second of every day is not planned out either because too much structure is not always good for little ones. Kids need a break from the structure of school.

Here’s What I love about this Spring Break Bucket List

  • Nothing on the list costs money
  • Nothing on the list takes too much effort on the parent’s part. I mean, let’s be honest we don’t want to create more work for ourselves.
  • The kids have some control on what they want to do
  • You can complete the bucket list at home or while on vacation
  • Many things on the list are kid-driven- they can complete the items on their own. 

How To Use the Bucket List

Print out the list, and let the kids decide what they want to do. Let them decide! They can do as many or little items in one day as their heart desires. 

If they start to complain that they are bored, hand them the list and tell them to have at it. 

I really like this check mark stamp for them to use when they complete a task. 

It’s funny how much the motivation of getting to use the stamp works to engage my kids in the list! 

Happy Spring Break! Grab your Spring Break Bucket List Free Printable below. 

I threw in bonus scavenger hunt document for fun! Leave me a comment below and let me know how your kids like it. 

Free Spring Break Bucket List plus a bonus scavenger hunt!

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