How to Clean Your Tile the Natural Way

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I have been working really hard on my Spring Cleaning Plan and in doing so I realized the tile floor in my bathroom was really dingy looking. It gets mopped each week but it needed a deep clean. I am not a fan of harsh chemicals, especially bleach so I turned to some products I had at home. I will show you how to clean your tile the natural way. 

Materials List

Mix two parts vinegar and one part water in the spray bottle. For other house hold cleaning I would use less vinegar but I really wanted to do some serious scrubbing so I wanted it to be a lot more concentrated. 

You can see the dirt and grime on the tiles. My weekly mopping schedule was just not cutting it on getting the tile really clean. Near the edges of the tile it was really bad. 

Create a Paste and Let it Sit

I started by spraying the vinegar on the tile and then shaking the baking powder onto the wet vinegar. I used my scrub brushes to create a paste on top of the tile. 

Instantly, I could see that I was making a huge difference. I moved my way through the bathroom and let the paste sit on the tile for an hour or so. 

Mop Up the Paste With Hot Water

I used a hot wash rag to wipe up the paste. It took me two passes through to get up all of the baking soda from the floor but it looked amazing. 

To top off the job, I used my steam mop to get a final glowing clean on the tile. If you don’t have a steam mop, you can check out my recommendation here

Enjoy Your Clean Tile

The bathroom smells amazing and I didn’t have to use any harsh chemicals. My daughter is only 2 and she was running around helping me, and I felt safe knowing that there weren’t any harsh fumes to worry about. 

The end result was amazing and honestly, maybe a little too easy. I don’t know why I waited so long to do that!

6 thoughts on “How to Clean Your Tile the Natural Way”

    1. I am glad! I agree with you on the natural part, my little one was right under my toes the whole time and I didn’t have to worry.

    1. I couldn’t believe how quickly it cleaned. I let it soak for an hour, but it all honesty, I could have wiped it up immediately and it would have been fine

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