Declutter, Clean and Organize Your Bedroom

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All too often we spend so much time keeping our kitchen and family areas clean that our bedrooms take a back seat to our weekly cleaning routine. Spoil yourself a little and take the time to get your room looking and feeling great. I know that I relax so much better when I am in my bedroom when it is nice and clean and organized. When I clean, and I mean really clean, an area I like to follow the Declutter, Deep Clean, Organize Method. My bedroom is no different, follow these tips to declutter, clean and organize your bedroom. 

If you’re here for some tips for kids bedrooms, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I actually get my kids to clean their bedrooms without a fight. They do it every Saturday morning using a simple checklist. Check out my system to get the kids involved here

The First Step is to Get Rid of the Clutter

Before you even begin to clean it’s time to get rid of the junk. I am a person who absolutely loves to purge. It gives me energy and I love the feeling of creating space. 

I understand that everyone is not a excited purger like myself so if that’s you, take it slow and one item at a time. 

Go through every drawer, under the bed, through the nightstands etc and ask yourself if you really need those items. 

For more details on what to keep and what not to keep, where to take your items etc, check out this post here on how to clean and organize your closet. Apply the same principals here. 

Prevent the Clutter

One of the best ways to keep your bedroom from getting cluttered in the first place is to make sure that you don’t have places to stash stuff. We used to have traditional night stands with drawers but I found that we were just filling them full of junk. We have switched to these pedestal nightstands and there’s no where to hide stuff now. Not to mention, they are so freaking gorgeous!

You do want to have areas where things pile up. Baskets are always seen as a great way to organize things which can be very true, however, I have found that baskets also tend to be a place to collect junk. Instead, find a permanent home for your items. 

If you have a desk in your room, reconsider what you use it for. What do you want the purpose of your bedroom to be? Anything that doesn’t fit with that purpose should go!

Pro tip: Keep your room from getting cluttered in the first place by creating a routine that supports tidiness. Dedicate 15 minutes per day before going to bed to make sure you establish good habits. More on that here. 

After the Clutter is Gone, It's Cleaning Time

I make it a part of my spring cleaning routine do deep clean the bedroom. I don’t mean the regular, dust the furniture and run the vacuum. I mean really do some cleaning.

When you are deep cleaning your bedroom you want to make sure to clean the things that don’t get cleaned in your normal weekly routine. 

Don’t forget to dust the ceiling fans, wash the curtains and window coverings and all of your bedding including the pillows. 

I will take the time to shampoo the carpets, remove the curtains from their rod and wash and iron them. I will wash the bedskirt and the actual pillows on our bed. 

It feels great to have a really, really clean space. 

I own my own carpet shampooer because I use it too often to rent one. I have included it in my list of essential cleaning tools here

If you’re interested in going beyond your bedroom and want to do an full house “Spring Clean” we’d love for you to join our group that’s doing a Spring Cleaning Challenge. Join the Facebook group here. 

Get Organized

When it comes time to organize your bedroom, make sure that everything has a place. In fact, if there is something in your bedroom that doesn’t have a set place where it belongs, you might ask yourself if it should be in that space in the first place. 

If you have items that belong in your room but you don’t have a specific place for them, then it’s time to get organized. I personally love the Dollar Tree to find items to help get your space organized. They carry so many different types of containers and bins to store your stuff. 

I just recently learned that you can shop online at the Dollar Tree and have the items shipped to your house or shipped for free to your local store. Um, are you kidding me?! 

The Dollar Tree website has a much larger selection of styles and colors than in the store, plus you can buy in bulk online. 

Hit Your Most Vulnerable Spots Hard

When organizing, make sure to hit your areas that are most likely to become unorganized and make sure that you have system to help. You want to make sure that your organization tools and systems will withstand a busy morning, or when life is a little chaotic or else you will fall into a cycle of having to re-organize too often. 

My areas that get the most disorganized is my dresser drawers. I tend to dig through looking for something and then it’s all a mess in now time. 

I really like this Drawer Organizer the helps to keep things visible and organized in my drawers. No more digging. Also, when I run out of slots to store things, I know it’s time to purge. 

Another spot that is a vulnerable space for us is my husband’s nightstand. It happens to be the catch all for all of his things. That’s why I love this Nightstand Organizer

Hopefully, you are feeling motivated to declutter, clean and organize your bedroom. Whether you are doing a full spring clean or just tackling your bedroom, I hope you are able to sit back and enjoy your space when you are all finished!

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