Cleaning and Organizing the Bathroom- Don’t forget to do these things

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Aside from the normal weekly cleaning to keep your house looking and feeling tidy, it’s important to do a deep clean every now and then. When you are cleaning and organizing the bathroom don’t forget to do these things. 

By following the Declutter, Deep Clean, Organize Method, you will be able to have your bathroom clean and functioning in no time. I love this method, because it is more than your weekly cleaning routine, but it doesn’t take too much time to get things feeling amazing. 

I really like to get into my bathroom and do some serious cleaning when I do my spring cleaning routine. Avenue Kate has a Facebook group that is doing a Spring Cleaning Challenge right now. Join the community right here for tips and support on getting your entire house Decluttered, Deep Cleaned and Organized

Step One: Purge

Bathrooms are one of the places that becomes cluttered so quickly. We buy new products to try, and new beauty tools. It’s important to go through and purge things from your bathroom. This is a great checklist to follow. Purge before you start doing the cleaning. 

Step Two: Do Some Serious Scrubbing

After you’ve done some serious decluttering, it’s time to get scrubbing. Clean everything. Bathrooms get dirty really easily with all of the makeup, and product used everyday. 

The Order In Which You Clean Matters

Start with the most sanitary areas first. Wipe down the counters and the bathroom sinks. 

Move to the shower and bathtub next, using a scrub brush to really get the grout clean. If you have a shower door that’s really covered in soap scum, I have found that the Magic Eraser works really well at getting a really clean shower door. 

Do your toilets and floor last. My mom always taught me that you don’t want to use a cleaning rag to wipe down your toilets and then go and wash your counters that toothbrush sits on. Yuck! In fact, once I wash the toilet with a rag, that rag goes strait into the laundry bin. 

I like to do the floors by hand. I know that might sound crazy but I feel like I can get around the toilet easier and can really get into the corners. I wipe down the floor and back my self out of the bathroom, letting the floor dry. 

I just recently deep cleaned my floors using vinegar and baking soda and I can’t believe how clean they came out. Check it out here. No judging on the before photos please. 

Don’t Forget the Rugs and Shower Curtain

Don’t forget to wash your bath mats and shower curtain. I once heard that shower mats are some of the dirtiest items in our house. You’d think something you stand on when you are clean would just stay clean but the truth is that it get’s wet and is a breeding ground for bacteria. Throw your mats in the wash once a week with your towels. 


My Top Picks for Bathroom Cleaning

Magic Eraser You will find me recommending this product in all your home cleaning. It’s just a great product that helps get rid of those really hard stains and works great on shower doors. 

Silicone Bristle Toilet Brush Toilet brushes have to be one of the yuckiest things around. This one is made of silicone and has a storage caddy that helps keep it clean.

Shower Scrub Brush Call me crazy, but I leave one of these in the shower and will scrub away when I am taking a shower. 

Nature’s Miracle Floor Cleaner I am going to let you in on a little secret. I use this cleaner in the bathroom. It is meant to get rid of dog urine smells in your home, but it works great around the toilet. I have two little boys and our bathroom used to smell like urine no matter what I did. This cleaner is awesome!

Detail Scrub Brushes Perfect for around the sink handles, and corners in the shower. 

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths Someone gave us some of these in a cleaning kit for our wedding and I use them for everything! Love these.

When it comes to cleaning the whole house, I have some tools that I love to use. In fact, I believe you only need four cleaning appliances. I will sometimes use my Shark Lift Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop in the bathroom to really get the tile cleaned. 

Step Three: Keep Things Organized

There are two types of people: those that love to organize and those that despise it. I happen to be one of the people that likes to get things organized. It actually gives me energy to go through a space and get it functioning the way that it should. 

The key to great organization is to have the right tools. Baskets and containers are great. But, be careful, sometimes baskets just become another space to store junk. Make sure that you are using baskets as a way to define a space and to only store like items. 

Use organizers to maximize space. 

There are some really great organizers on the market to help maximize small spaces. I really like this under the sink organizer to store make up and products. 

Don’t forget about organizing your drawers. These dividers are great. Think about it, you wouldn’t just throw your silverware into a drawer unorganized, so don’t do that with your bathroom supplies. 

Frugally Blonde is another great site for some tips. Check out her post on bathroom closet organization. 

For makeup organization, Spectacular Girl has some great ideas here. 

If you are in need of organization ideas for a small bathroom, Practical Whimsy Designs has some wonderful tips. 

Enjoy Your Clean and Organized Bathroom

Make sure that when cleaning and organizing the bathroom don’t forget to do these things; declutter, deep clean and then organize. If you follow those steps you will have some great success. There’s nothing better than a clean and organized bathroom. 


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