Spring Cleaning- Do These Things Before You Begin

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With warmer weather is on the horizon and I bet you are getting the bug to start your spring cleaning. But before you begin there are certain things you should be doing. Without the right preparation you could be setting yourself up for failure. From preparing your mind to preparing your cleaning supplies, there are some very specific things you should do before you start your spring cleaning. Remember, spring cleaning is not the usual cleaning session. It will not be done in one weekend so buckle up for the long haul and follow these tips to make sure you have a successful spring clean.

Prepare Your Mindset Before You Even Begin

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task. It is easy to get excited about the end goal and the feeling of having your house looking like a magazine, but slow down. Here’s the deal, it sounds fun at first, but once you get started the fun can sometimes turn into fatigue and being overwhelmed.

You’re going to hit road blocks. There will be a stain that doesn’t want to come out, a closet that doesn’t fit everything you want it to, or even worse, you may discover repairs that need to be done on your home. If you don’t prepare your mindset for bumps along the road then you’ll want to give up and throw in the towel. I am a very “the cup is half full” mindset type of person and can deal with anything that comes up along the way knowing that in the end I am making improvements on my home. If that’s not you then make sure you are mentally prepared to begin your spring cleaning. It is okay to get mad and frustrated, just remember not to give up!

Secondly, doing a deep spring cleaning takes time. So, before you begin, make sure to remember to be patient. There is no quick solution for a truly effective spring cleaning session. As my mom would say, “keep your eye on the prize”. As you go room to room, you’ll start to feel a sense of accomplishment. I know that once I get going, I can’t stop because I love the feeling of a clean home. It won’t happen over night though. Rome wasn’t built in a day and spring cleaning takes months. Set your mindset for the long haul and remember to be patient with the process. If you are expecting to have your entire house decluttered, deep cleaned and organized in one weekend your expectations are too high. Spring cleaning is more than the normal cleaning session. 

Before You Begin, Make a Game Plan

It is crucial to make a game plan of which rooms you will tackle, when and how you will tackle them. The best method for tackling a room is to follow the Declutter, Deep Clean, Organize Method. In each room start by getting rid of things that don’t belong, are broken or missing pieces or that no longer serve a purpose. This is your time to purge! Then, spend time deep cleaning. Clean things that are not on your normal cleaning rotation such as rugs, curtains, baseboards, inside of drawers and cabinets and so on. Finally, organize the room. Make sure everything has a place, purchase some baskets or bins to help things look nice. The last thing you want to do is have your room falling back into old habits because you don’t have an organizing system.

The best way to create a game plan is to follow a check list. Plan out which rooms you want to do first and what needs to be done in each room. Remember that you want to first declutter, then deep clean and then organize each room at a time. Don’t try to declutter the whole house at once, you will burn out real fast and become overwhelmed. Go room by room. I have created a great list of which rooms and what to tackle first.  In addition, there are some great tips for following the Declutter, Deep Clean, Organize Method. I am currently offering this Spring Cleaning Printable for free. Grab that free printable below for a limited time!

Ask For Help

Spring cleaning is a beast. Do not take this task on alone. I tend to be the person that would just rather do it my way and typically don’t ask for help but you will burn out so fast. Put your kids to work! Give them some tasks that they can help with. Have them go through their toys and pick which ones to give away. I recently read a post where someone had their kids pick 20 toys to keep and gave the rest away. I love this idea as it helps your kids get involved. Do what’s best for your family. I can’t wait to overhaul our playroom and make it more functional. I know first hand that simply giving my kids a list increases their productivity by 100%. My kids are just like me, they love to check off when things are done. We use a Clean Bedroom Checklist on Saturday mornings and it’s been a game changer.

Get help from friends and family. I have family members that donate one day to each other’s homes once per year. They each spend one day helping each other do some spring cleaning, no judgement. They come over and do whatever is needed, clean out closets, organize crafts, load stuff for giveaway. I love this idea so much! You can also join Facebook groups to get tips for cleaning. There’s actually a lot of groups out there that are supportive and have some great ideas. It offers accountability for your plan and timeline.

Make Sure You Have The Right Supplies

You can check out my favorite cleaning tools HERE. I only have four must have items in order to get all the house cleaning done!

The final thing you should do before you begin spring cleaning is make sure you have the right supplies. There is nothing worse than getting started to clean and not have the right tools for the job. Aside from your regular cleaning supplies, you might need some heavier duty tools. Remember, spring cleaning is a bit more aggressive than your usual weekend clean. This is your time to tackle tough stains, marker on your furniture, sticky stuff in your drawers, you name it!

For deep cleaning tile, walls and baseboards I like to use the Magic Eraser by Mr. Clean. These sponges are great and seriously get out set-in stains on hard surfaces. Be careful, because they will take paint off if you scrub too hard. I love, love, love to use them for baseboards! 

For a marker stains and sticky gunk that you find in drawers Goo Gone is my go-to. It’s pretty gentle and doesn’t have a strong chemical smell but will get anything out. In fact, I just ordered some as my two year old got a hold of a silver permanent marker. Do your kids love to put stickers on everything like mine? Goo Gone will work for that too!

My absolute favorite spring cleaning item is a pressure washer. I know what you’re thinking, “isn’t a pressure washer a garage tool, not a spring cleaning tool?” Let me tell you how much fun I have with this thing. When I get this thing out nothing is safe. I use a pressure washer to clean the high chair, the playroom furniture, the stroller, the dog kennel, you name it! I would argue this is the best tool I have when it comes to cleaning. My husband makes fun of me because I won’t let anyone else use it. There is something so satisfying about literally watching the dirt fly off of an item. 

Remember the End Result

In the end you will be successful in your spring cleaning efforts if you plan ahead. Make sure to use the declutter, deep clean, organize method and move room to room. Give yourself plenty of time to complete your list. Remember, any progress is still progress. Good luck!

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  1. Reading this post just reminded me to get moving on cleaning our house – I live in India and you cannot imagine the amount of dust we get on EVERYTHING! Need to start by chucking some clothes that I have not worn in ages but have preserved.

      1. Decluttering our room is one of the most frustrating thing we do every month 😂 Plus getting started is always the hardest part 😔

        I never thought of using a checklist before. I’ve never organize or plan beforehand on this things. I’ll definitely keep your tips in mind. 😁.

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