People With a Clean House Routinely Do These 5 Things

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There is without a doubt, certain things you should be doing everyday if you want to have a clean house. It is no secret that most people want to have a clean house but the task can be so overwhelming that many people aren’t able to achieve their goal of having a clean house all of the time. 

Imagine the feeling of not needing to clean up before company comes over. Imagine that your house is routinely clean and ready for those “show up unannounced” guests. How nice would it be to not have to spend your weekends “getting the house back in order”? 

I’ll admit, I am not perfect at keeping the house spotless but I do keep it in a clean state that it only takes a quick tidy-up session to get it ready for company. It takes commitment and routine in order to make this possible. Implement some or all of these strategies and you will routinely have a clean home.

Before we get started, I want to share my Facebook group with you… it’s a wonderful group where we share best cleaning tips and hacks, share before and after photos and encourage the heck out of each other to get things done! Join the community here!

The Kitchen is the Key to Having a Clean House

People spend a ton of time in their kitchen. Even during the work week when we are at school and out of the house, the kitchen is still the heart of our daily activities. Breakfast in the morning, grabbing coffee, or packing lunches is all done in the kitchen. In the afternoon, it is the location for homework completion, dinner time and bedtime snack. 

If you can commit yourself and your family to keeping the kitchen clean then you will be in good shape. Now, this does not mean that the kitchen is going to be spotless all of the time. Kitchens get messy and honestly, they should. It’s just important that they get cleaned up when the fun, the meal, the homework etc is done. 

Before you go to bed each night, do a quick checklist with the kitchen. Cleaning shouldn’t be a task but should be a routine. Set routines with the family to make sure they understand they should take their plates to the sink and load the dishwasher etc. Making sure that you wipe down counters, put dishes away and sweep on the daily will help keep your house feeling clean. 

Maintain a No Shoes Rule in Your Home

If you want to have a clean house, the first thing you need to do is ban shoes from your home. I cannot even begin to tell you how grossed out I get to think about all the germs and gunk that gets brought into your home by wearing shoes. Think of all of the places you’ve walked and where your kids have walked in one day. Now think of all those germs being brought into your house. Yuck! Unless you plan on vacuuming and mopping every day, don’t allow shoes in your home. 

People with a Clean House Keep up on the Laundry

Remember that part about cleaning should not be a task but a habit? Well, laundry is one of those things that must be a part of your daily routine. Yes, I said DAILY. If you have more than two people in your household than you have enough laundry to do one load per day. When you factor in bedsheets, towels, cleaning rags, rugs, and clothes, the laundry can pile up quickly. If you commit to completing an entire load of laundry per day, your house will overall be cleaner. There’s nothing worse than piles of dirty laundry that need to be cleaned. 

Each night, while the kids are taking their baths and getting ready for bed, I spend just a few minutes folding what’s in the dryer, moving what’s in the washer to the dryer and adding a load to the now empty washer. It takes maybe 15 minutes total and it keeps the laundry work load to a minimum. Gone are the days that I spend the entire weekend doing the laundry. 


Why does doing one load of laundry per day ensure a clean house? When you are really on your game and keeping up with the laundry you will find that the laundry hamper is not over flowing. When it’s not overflowing you will find yourself going through the kids rooms to gather more laundry to make a full load. Voila! A side benefit is that you are picking up along the way just to make a full load. 

Fifteen Minutes Per Day Keeps the Messes Away

My husband and I spend just fifteen minutes per night after our kids go to bed running through the house making sure it is clean. Implementing the Fifteen Minute Rule to a Clean House has been a game changer for us. It is amazing how just a quick blow through the house before we allow ourselves to relax saves us so much time in the long run. Again, spending time doing little things each day will ensure that you don’t have to play catch up. It is really nice waking up the next day getting ready for work in a clean house not full of yesterday’s messes.

Establish Routines to Keep Your House Clean All of the Time

Establishing a routine with the family that ensures everyone picks up after themselves is probably the most important step to making sure that you have a clean house. Simple rules that require your kids to clean up before they watch TV, go out and play etc are crucial to maintain order. We use a Saturday Morning Checklist to get our kids to clean their room without a fight

Utilize checklists with your kids to help them stay focused. My kids have a “Saturday Morning Checklist” that they must complete before they are allowed to begin their day. It helps teach them responsibility but more importantly, it sets the tone in the house that mom is not the only one who cleans. Grab a free checklist below!

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    A Clean House is Achievable

    If a clean house is what you desire than you can achieve it. Remember that each day won’t be perfect and it is okay to fall behind sometimes. I was sick this past week and let me tell you how quickly our house got turned upside down. Having too high of expectations and not allowing yourself a little grace is not good for anyone. Remember, stick to a routine and be consistent and you will have a clean home. 

    13 thoughts on “People With a Clean House Routinely Do These 5 Things”

    1. We follow the ‘no shoes in the house’ rule and it makes a huge difference! Since we live in NYC, there’s so much dust and yuck on the sidewalks that can be tracked into the apt, but the ‘no shoes’ rule really cuts back on that!

      1. What I struggle with is company that comes over and doesn’t remove their shoes. I am working on creating a door mat that asks guests to kindly remove their shoes.

      1. I hear ya! Picking just one and mastering it is a great start. I recommend starting with the 15 minute rule. That one seems to be the easiest to implement and makes the biggest impact.

    2. Oh, how I would love to do “no shoes in the house”, but we’re both so in and out all the time for work that it’s just not practical. But I am ALL about my cleaning routines!

    3. Thanks for these tips. Im strongly looking at getting a Robot Vacuum Cleaner from Kogan. But struggling to decide which one to buy. This Robot Vacuum cleaner will help me save time with the cleaning.

      1. I am looking at getting another one for my upstairs. I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t love it. I highly recommend!

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