Lemon Themed Bridal Shower

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This lemon themed bridal shower is everything you’d want in a summer party. Using our family’s wedding tradition of toasting with lemoncello  as inspiration, I pulled off the perfect, summer bridal shower. The lemon theme celebrated the “groom’s main squeeze” as the happy couple prepared to “pucker up”.

Lemon Themed Decor

Having a full house of kids and a full time job, I don’t have a lot of extra time to go out and shop for things. That does not mean that you can’t get really creative and add a personal touch. Amazon to the rescue (seriously, I am addicted to Amazon). I was able to get some really fun, classy, lemon themed items for the bridal shower shipped to my house in two days! Amazon for the win! My goal when I buy items for a party is to buy things that I can use again or use as a gift for the guest of honor. In this case, I found some artificial lemons and a table runner that will make beautiful decorations in my kitchen during the summer months. We played just a few trivia type games which I also ordered from Amazon. The notepads were beautiful and the greenery print fit right in with the theme. (Amazon links linked to each picture),

"Photo Booth"

I was able to custom order this awesome photo print from Amazon (click on the picture and it will take you straight to amazon). The picture comes rolled up. Just glue it onto a thick cardboard poster, cut out the center and you are good to go. The photo frame was quite the hit at the party!


I kept the food light and summery. It was also important for me to be able to host guests and enjoy the party myself. The food was all prepped before the party and I was not stuck in the kitchen the whole time preparing food. 

Chicken Salad Sandwiches, fruit, pasta salad, cheese platter and more

A Touch of Lemon

For the shower I wanted just touches of lemon throughout the decor and food. I didn’t want to over power guests with strong lemon flavored everything. Instead, I used lemon to garnish the food and drinks, and sprinkled lemons through the decor.

New York Style Cheese Cake

Flowers, Lots and Lots of Flowers

Local grocery stores will sell bunches of solid colored flowers for cheap. For decor, I bought a few bouquets of all white and all yellow flowers and put them in vases with lemons. You can’t go wrong with fresh flowers! Believe it or not, they are one of the cheapest ways to decorate a table. 

Favors: Lemon Scented Bath Bombs

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