How to Paint a Football Field Wall

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Deciding on a nursery theme can be so fun and also extremely challenging. It was important to us to find a theme that we both liked but that would also be able to grow with our child. We wanted something that was unique and adorable for a baby, but that would also work for a toddler and perhaps even a young teen. I spent hours on Pinterest looking for the right theme. I finally landed on vintage sports.

I wanted to paint a football field on the wall. I thought this would be so unique! I am pretty big on creating bold, statement walls, I went full wallpaper with my daughters room, check it out here. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard since a football field is mostly straight lines. I decided to do an HGTV-style reveal and I didn’t tell my husband the theme or let him into the nursery until the end. (He did paint a few walls by my direction but wasn’t allowed to ask questions).

Get Started

Start by painting the area for the football field white. This will take at least two coats. I decided to do the upper half of the wall from one corner to the next as the football field. 

Once the wall is dry, measure out the lines for the football field. Don’t forget about the end zones. There should be a line for every ten yards as well as lines for the end zones. Tape off each line. I use green Frog Tape and highly recommend it. For the numbers, I used a stencil for scrapbooking and contact paper. I traced the numbers on the contact paper and cut them out and then placed them on the wall. 


Important Step! Don't Skip This Step!

Paint white over the tape. This step will create perfect lines that do not bleed when you peel. Paint over the numbers too. It takes a little extra time, but trust me! It is worth it.

Now it’s time to paint the field. Press firmly with the paint roller when you go over the paint lines. Use at least two coats. Now, the hard part. Wait. Wait at least 24 hours before peeling the tape. If you are like me, you will want to peel sooner because you’re just too excited to see the results, but waiting until the paint is perfectly dry will give you the best results. 

Peel away and watch your field come to life! I had to use a small razor blade to peel the numbers.  Use a small craft paintbrush to do any touchups if needed. 

Touchdown! The Finished Product

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